Bridging the Gap is a series that focuses on helping parents and teenagers understand each other’s perspective.  Through her role in Teen Ministry and Youth Development, Dana has been availed the opportunity to gain insight into the ever complex teen perspective, and solutions that parents can implement to aid them in their parent-faith walk.  Students give Dana the topics that they would like addressed in these short 15 minutes videos.

Week 1: Topics Covered

  1. Setting Yourself up for Success
    1. Morning Routine (Proper Preparation)
    2. Parents Pick Your A.M. Battles
  2. Post-School Student Analysis
    1. Parents Chill Out!
    2. Students Understand Our Concern!
  3. Don’t Minimize Your Student’s Drama
    1. Not comparing our world to theirs.
    2. Parents make mistakes.


  1. Guilt Based Parenting (How are past can affect our present).
  2. Control versus Structure: Parenting Teens
  3. Let Go of Your Parent Ego