The following are various resources to help navigate the wonderful world of Parent-TEEN.

New Age Teen Allowances – Fortnite Craze

This document discusses how to implement a system that provides a response when your youth asks for Fortnite money, Robux, or any other type of bucks for their gaming system.  Just because you don’t understand how it works, doesn’t mean you can’t build it into your parenting process. Showing youth that working for something you want is a healthy practice, and that can include things like virtual funds!

Age Appropriate Chores & Allowance

Requiring roles and responsibility in your household is an essential piece to keeping your home in order. Building responsibility through a chore based system that are age appropriate is an effective and positive way of developing this.  It addition, it allows you to differentiate between what a child is expected to contribute because they are simply a part of the household and what they can do to earn an allowance above and beyond that.

An expected allowance despite performance or earned achievement develops a standard of entitlement which can be detrimental.