Raising tweens & teens has been referred to as another process of sanctification. It reminds me that God has a sense of humor! Truly it is a time that we can really learn to press into God, surrender control, and rely on our brothers and sisters in Christ to walk through this trying time as parents.

Amazingly enough, God has blessed me with a heart for Teen Ministry and paired that with an incredible gift to somehow speak their language.  A language that seems to be ever changing in a world full of technological advances, virtual emotions, entitlement based culture, and a microscopic focus on performance based results.  How do you navigate that as a parent when it speaks to a completely different mindset than who you are? It requires us to step outside of ourselves, detach emotionally, and parent to set our young people up for success, independence, and emotional wellness.

First let me tell you, this is incredibly difficult to do if this is not your parenting style, or if you have been parenting from a place that is more emotionally attached or empathy based.  I love walking parents through these processes and helping them effectively communicate with their tweens/teens boundaries, strategies, and solutions to bring a peaceful environment, successful outcome, and forward focused household! I utilize Biblical principals, encouragement, and mediation certifications to provide parents with the ability to parent in the way best suited for their specific young person.  I help the young person see, hear, communicate, and feel heard, which are the critical pieces to establishing the foundation necessary to moving forward with progress and structure.

Parents can find advice, tips, print outs, prayers, and links to specific blogs I’ve written about parenting in this section.  If you are interested in a mediation session, use the contact page to determine availability.