The Spotter: a life lesson off the court.

Spiritual Growth

The terrible twos, the fanatic fours, and the many other terms of endearment that parents across the world have come to coin the various facets of raising children.  It is an amazing, terrifying, exhausting, and beautiful struggle, absent of any handbook, courtesy of trial and error.  Because of this, we are bound to measure our […]

March 11, 2017

Christianity…Lost in Translation?


When I scroll through my newsfeed I become inundated with exhaustion.  I consider myself more of a red-letter Christian, focused on reflecting who Jesus has called me to be, studying His truth, building my relationship with Him and trying to forget everything that religion has fed me.  I am friends with many believers, yet I am confused…where did […]

January 30, 2017

More Room for Wisdom

Faith, Spiritual Growth

Hey everyone!  It’s been awhile. AND a lot has happened!  I will try to quickly fill you all in. I finished my Fall semester with decent grades, not my best, but definitely not my worst.  I am very optimistic about this semester. I started off break getting all four wisdom teeth removed.  That was two weeks […]

January 10, 2017

happily ever… After?

Spiritual Growth

Purdue makes it easy.  Easy to keep going.  To move on.  To not think about it.  She was never here.  Visited twice in my 2.5 years here.  She wasn’t a part of my life.  Other than the random phone calls about getting my clothes from her or trying to get her here.  I made these […]

December 1, 2016

The Unseen Path

Faith, Spiritual Growth

Another thought that keeps coming to my head is the fact that God could see this in my future.  I can imagine Him hurting for me, and the rest of my family.  What we would have to suffer when it finally came time.  Him hoping that at some point the future would change.  That Ryane would […]

November 29, 2016