Open With Your Broken

Faith, Grace, Spiritual Growth / Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Releasing Summer 2018!!!

“There was an emptiness that sourced the depths of my broken. It had started long before I could control the breaking, years before I knew I was being broken. Yes, I knew right from wrong, was raised to do better, but I was a young girl trying to fill a void, trying to feel secure in herself, with herself. Continued alcohol use was sprinkled with various drugs and sex, all while maintaining exceptional grades, exemplary test scores, a varsity athlete, who was then accepted into a rigorous collegiate honors program. I hid so much from my parents and thought I was hiding even more from a God I knew of but didn’t really know…” – Chapter One

“The renewal of one’s mind occurs when you choose to align your thoughts, your actions, your processes in accordance with His Word. It is when you become aware of the enemy’s attacks waging and yet you refuse to allow them to take root in your mental space, you refuse to allow seeds of darkness to be planted, let alone watered”. – Chapter Four

“How could I call myself a child of God yet not reflect it in a place His light was needed the most? It was there my battle perspective changed. With an IV pumping in my arm, with tears streaming down my face, with an angel sent from God just a few chairs away, I traded flesh for faith”. – Chapter Seven

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