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Spiritual Growth / Monday, October 1st, 2018

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October 18th: Sol2Soul Interview with Evelina Solis, 11:30 AM CST

October 22nd: Igniting the Nation with Rabbi Eric Walker, 12:00 PM CST (

November 4th: Decatur, IL Christian Expo

TBA: Club 36 – Watchmen Broadcasting (

To request Dana for a speaking engagement, conference, or interview contact              Bobbi Kusturin at


October 9th: Patti Shene, Step Into the Light Podcast Interview, 9 AM CST ( Interview on Website

September 29th: Women in Business Expo, Dana Goodrum Ministries 10am – 1pm

September 26th: Tough Talk Radio Interview, 3:30 PM CST

September 15th: Decatur Conference Center Expo, Dana Goodrum Ministry 9am – 3pm

September 1st: Hoopeston Sweetcorn Fest. Book Signing, Lorraine Theatre 12pm – 2pm

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