God’s Timing is Always Right

Faith / Friday, June 10th, 2016

When we are told God’s timing is perfect, I think most of us probably apply this in terms of big things, like marriage, or a new career; or in terms of prayers we are waiting to be answered. We don’t necessarily apply it in our daily routines. Every second, of every minute, is part of His glorious plan.  Trusting in His timing, means even trusting every delay.

Take for example… your morning commute is hijacked by a freight train crawling down the tracks, causing an unavoidable tardiness in your arrival to work, trusting in God’s timing seems a little more pressed.  Imagine you talked to God about that day and said… “God, you let that freight train make me late to work! I was trusting in Your timing! Why would you let that happen?” And God’s response is something like this…

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