Club 36 TV Interview

Spiritual Growth / Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

I was so blessed to be able to sit with Dorothy Spaulding and discuss the message within Open with Your Broken! Take a look as we also talk about Lauren Daigle, abortion, and other really controversial topics we face today.

Behind the Scenes: my mom coming on set was a complete surprise (to us both)! Dorothy leaned over to me during a break and asked who was all with me, and if they were my friends. I am so blessed to have an amazingly supportive family who traveled with me to share in this incredible experience.  I told her two of my aunts, my cousin, and my mom were all with me.  When she realized my mother was on set, she immediately got her mic’d up and right next to me! I was so proud of her and how great she did! Being on live television is pretty nerve wracking but she handled it like a pro! 

(Dana’s Interview Begins at 1:12)


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