The Unseen Path

Faith, Spiritual Growth

Another thought that keeps coming to my head is the fact that God could see this in my future.  I can imagine Him hurting for me, and the rest of my family.  What we would have to suffer when it finally came time.  Him hoping that at some point the future would change.  That Ryane would […]

November 29, 2016

Soulmates Without a Choice

Spiritual Growth

I recently went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a book for the trip to Florida my family is taking.  When I was there, I decided to look in the section for grieving.  There I found this book called Grief One Day at a Time by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.. If any one is […]

November 23, 2016


Faith, Spiritual Growth

There are so many things that go through my head in a day.  One second everything is normal, I am thinking of exams or homework, and then next the reality that I am in crashes down on me.  And then, the normality seems unimportant.  Because everything has changed.  Whether I want it to or not. […]

November 16, 2016

Retreats Were Our Thing.

Spiritual Growth

As I prepare to go on my fourth Boiler Awakening (once as a retreatant and 3rd time on staff) but my first time as a small group leader, I cannot help but have Ryane come to my mind.  I am feeling nervous as I prepare to be the face of the retreat.  I can imagine […]

October 29, 2016

My Triggered Reality

Faith, Spiritual Growth

Catch up.  Two exams.  Four homework assignments.  A project here and there.  Work three times a week.  Meetings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Making dinner. Grocery shopping. Laundry. Trying to get to bed on time, but going to bed at 1:00am.  Constant motion.  Then, a trigger.  A song, a sad smile, a beautiful […]

October 25, 2016

The Lord’s Purpose will Prevail

Faith, Spiritual Growth

It has been 18 days since my sister passed away. Eighteen days since I heard her laugh, saw her smile, or watched her walk through the door.  Eighteen days of me thinking of the future without her.  My kids not knowing her.  Only being able to show them pictures and dumb videos from when we […]

October 19, 2016