It is our God-purposed mission to take the message of Christ, to the broken, rather than expecting the broken to come to the church in order to hear the truth about Jesus. receive the message of Christ.  Jesus commands His Disciples, “GO and spread the good news…”

DANA GOODRUM MINISTRIES utilizes various venues to infiltrate the world around us speaking to the lost, the broken, and meeting them exactly where they are to deliver the good news of Jesus Christ.  Armed with the authority of Jesus, the Word of God, and sharing the God-inspired message within Open with Your Broken, we will bring church into prisons, onto college campuses, within rehab facilities and homeless shelters. We will speak within coffee shops and various secular organizations and online streams, with a fervency and boldness to reach those who have yet to hear the genuine, transparent, message of Jesus Christ and His reckless and persistent pursuit for their hearts.

DANA GOODRUM MINISTRIES recognizes that young people are choosing in large numbers to actively NOT pursue faith and specifically find Christianity to be “judgmental”.  Because of this research, we have a fervent desire for teen ministry and equipping parents to be effective stewards of God’s love in raising young men and women of Christ.

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