Legacy & Impact

Long time no write!

I took basically an entire month off of writing and updating as I had a few major projects that I had to focus on, but rest assured I have not been completely resting! (Although I did take an incredible vacation with my sister and our kids to sunny Florida, and attended and an amazing Christian women’s conference at Hope Church here in Springfield!) Hopefully you are all keeping tabs on Facebook to see the exciting updates that have been announced! This weekend I have two speaking engagements and in April I announced the taping of The 700 Club! All glory to God!

I am also working on finalizing dates for a few more book signings and will be speaking at a single mom’s conference here in Springfield, Illinois this summer that is certain to be an amazing event!

With that being said, I really wanted to share something so heavy on my heart this afternoon and that is the idea of our legacy and impact.  So often I believe we ponder this idea of our legacy and overweight the word impact. What I mean by that is we act as if it has to be this grandiose walk of life, such as a Billy Graham (God bless His spirit in heaven) or an Oprah Winfrey.  We compare our potential impact or legacy to someone like that and so it seems as though we are always hoping to one day “arrive” at this place of eventually being able to “make an impact” or “leave a legacy”.  

Today, what I want to challenge you with is this very simple yet powerful question: 

          If you had the ability to change someone’s day; the power, the impact, to completely alter their entire mindset, outlook, day, week, possibly even their life…would you do it?

Now, this isn’t something major. It doesn’t  have to cost you a dime, work towards, or even go out of your way to do. This opportunity will present itself across your very walk, with people you may very well know, and most of the time, this will happen, every… single… day. 

However, what you DO have to do…is get out of yourselves.  You have to look up from your cell phone, or take a breath from your own mess.  See the way God works is that He wants us to be so inwardly focused that He can’t use us to serve the people around us.

We forget how powerful our ability to impact someone’s life is each and every day. We forget that legacy is created in the life we live, the conversations we have, the opportunities we choose to take in encouraging, uplifting, supporting, and loving those we come in contact with. 

There are endless amounts of angry, negative people, and the truth is we ALL have problems, and worry, fear, or anger didn’t ever solve a single one.  In fact, according to Gallop polls, it is statistically proven that we are actually experiencing more negativity than at any other time in human history.  But you can certainly change a person’s day, outlook, or perspective with out of the ordinary niceness, a random act of kindness, an unexpected compliment, or following up on a rough situation they are going through.

Each and every one of us is given an opportunity to create an amazing legacy through daily impact. There’s no grand place we must first arrive in order to achieve such status. For we are able to create those ripples in the world each and every day with access to ordinary people just like you and I. God has allowed us this access with purpose, so let’s use it with determined intention. 

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