I love the south!

Can I tell you how much I love the south? Besides that sweet southern twang,  amazing food and hospitality, the handsome gentleman that seemed to be around every corner, I was amazed at how Jesus was proudly displayed throughout the south! Praise God!

Travelling down highways I would see billboards reaffirming God’s truth! I would smile and say, Amen, just from a billboard! How cool is that? I was blessed to get to stay in Chattanooga, Tennessee on my way down to see Dorothy at Club 36 Studios! What an incredible city with so much to do and see! I was able to visit three fantastic bookstores there: Books-A-Million, LifeWay Christian Store, and Christian Family Bookstore! I was able to stop in and talk with the managers and look through their Christian offerings! I was so impressed and believing in God that Open with Your Broken would soon be on the shelves of each of those stores!

We finally arrived in North Augusta, SC to get settled in for my first live TV interview  on Club 36 with Watchmen Broadcasting!

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