Sunday Service

Wow, God is just so good. I can’t imagine how many times I have said that this past year. Some people look at me like I’m crazy, knowing that the new house I bought had non-disclosure issues resulting in some major financial costs and unexpected repairs. Those unexpected issues led to major impact on my MS, and by this past October I was taking medical leave from my career. Unexpected to me, but not to God.

See it would be easy for people to only focus on the negative things that happened these past 6 months. Yes, I have faced some major obstacles, trials, and struggles. I cried as I walked out of the building I had professionally poured into, not knowing if I would be coming back. Tomorrow, I will travel to the Neuro Institute of Illinois as my progression will require a different level of treatment. It would be easy for someone to focus on the adversities that have come my way. Instead, I want to tell you about the amazing God I serve.

This summer, my first book, Open with Your Broken was published. Within a few weeks it was available in several countries around the world. To date, it has traveled with missionaries to various countries, been sent to prison inmates by mail from loved ones, and donated by our ministry to serve as a staple resource on the shelves of prison libraries. The stories that I have heard from how this book has impacted individuals is nothing short of a miracle, and that is not because I am some fantastic writer, no, it is because I was obedient to God’s call, and listened to the Spirit guide the words the Father wanted on the pages. I was diligent in not letting the world distort the message, or determine what would sell or not sell. From the freelance editor in Colorado to the partner publisher in Florida, every hand that touched this book before it made its way to the shelves of stores, were followers of Jesus Christ.

This past Sunday, in my hometown, I gave my first Sunday message. It was entitled, “Finding the Message in Your Mess”. As I stood in front of the congregation, some of my peers, some of my family, and some faces I had never met but God called to His house that day, I poured out the truth of Jesus Christ. I surrendered myself, laying my insecurities, fears, and anxieties as a sacrifice to the amazing, powerful, loving God I get to call my Father. I shared the most sacred details of the book, of me, and watched the Spirit intricately weave His glory through the room.

My dad, who has only been to church as an adult, for funerals, sat in the second row. He sat next to his sisters, who haven’t all sat together with their brother in Sunday service since my grandmother took them when they were all much younger. I looked across at my uncle, who had only been to church one other time since his daughter, for whom my book was written in honor of, had passed away. And here I stood, begging God to just let me get out of the way, so Holy Spirit could come through and speak to each heart as only He can. I type this in awe of the amazing, glorious God I am so humbled to serve. Yesterday, I stood in my purpose.

Amidst the trials, the struggles, the waxes and wanes of our lives, we allow ourselves to be so oblivious to the magnificence that God bestows upon us and around us each and every day. He is pouring Himself over His people and we can choose to be distracted by or focused on the worldly things, the negative, the things that at the end of the day they don’t…really…matter. Why? Because my house is just a house, and money is but a pass through from God, and my body is just a vessel, yet we allow ourselves to be fooled by outward appearances; I gladly trade the world to keep my soul and abound in the mysteries of Christ each and every day! But even still we serve a God who chooses to bless us abundantly and bask in His glory daily. So again I find myself saying, God is so good. He is so good then, now, and forever He will be. My Spirit is still overflowing, knowing without doubt that yesterday I was in His purpose, aligned perfectly with His will, and the Kingdom impact when that happens is insurmountable. So I cry out, here I am Lord, send me! God…is…so…good!

Goodrums at Church 11.25.18

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