Being Obedient to God’s Call, Even When it’s Beyond Your Understanding

No, this can’t possibly be what you are calling me to do…I mean God, are you sure? Maybe I am misunderstanding, this can’t be right. I need to pray on this more. 

I was sure that I was completely off the mark on this one. I found myself going onto the website, researching information, then positive my discernment was off I would close out and move on to something else.  It wouldn’t be long before God would urge me again, in some way a nudge, a reminder, a small voice letting me know that this was my call.  Whether it was a video on Facebook about the need for foster parents, or a child placed in our path, my heart would respond in a way that was different than before, a God affirmation.  I prayed for God to give me discernment, that the desires of my heart would align with His will, and that I would have the obedience to move in His purpose.

This discussion continued between God and I for about three months as I questioned Him calling me to become a foster parent.  I reminded Him of things He already knew, that I had multiple sclerosis, and was just coming out of one of my worst relapses.  He reminded me that the will of God would not take me where the grace of God would not sustain me.  I have not called you to live as if you are sick, I have called you to live as a child of God, to walk in my will.  If you make decisions as though you are always sick, how do you walk in faith of your God who does not forsake you?

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