If I Knew Then, What I Know Now…

Screenshot_2016-03-08-20-40-42-1Tears down her face, hands to the air, in a one bedroom apartment. With more ends than means, two kids to feed, she was drowning in the darkness. And if there was a letter on her chest those at church would’ve sworn it was scarlet.

She turned her back that day, and never went back, guess you can’t have God unless you’re on the right track.

She thought of that now.
Will He even hear me as I’m crying out loud?
I’ve been hiding from Him for so long now…
And just as she opened her mouth to pray, Satan steps in and fills her mind with shame. Remember all the mistakes you’ve made?
You think someone like you deserves to be saved?
Her hands drop down and she covers her face…

Lost but no carton, His child screams out in pain… “God help me please, there’s not much more I can take”.
I can’t do this alone, I’ve made so many mistakes.  I feel like I’m drowning, I just want to be saved…

Fastforward to His salvation through grace…

It begins with a reintroduction: I am redeemed. One prayer saved me from my own never ending bad dream. For years enslaved believing I was unworthy. Shackled by self-righteous guilt empowered by the clergy. Just hoping one day I could get it together. Make it back to church, find God, and life would be better.

But the truth is the message I never knew until later. The One that broke my chains, restored my soul, and gave me favor.
No one is worthy, that was the whole deal. Hence, the sacrifice for ALL of us on Redemption Hill.

See, Jesus saw ALL of our sin, ALL of our mess, and our mistakes. He chose US anyways, and fills us with grace. And if you doubt what I say, His Word says this: “My grace is enough for you, My power is made perfect in your weakness”.

This means He doesnt call the qualified, He qualifies the called. You don’t have to get it together before you talk to God. He turns mess into messages, it’s kind of His thing. So just come as you are, you don’t need a thing.

Had I known then what I know now, I would’ve called out sooner to the One who is crowned.

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