Forgiveness is Not Always a One Shot Deal

By Dana Goodrum

One of the greatest gifts we are given as followers of Christ is grace. For a moment I want you to picture Jesus Christ on the Cross. Blood, sweat, and tears encompass this pivotal crucifixion. He bared the weight of our sins, even the ones we don’t know we will commit yet, and still He chose us anyway. He chose YOU anyway. He chose ME anyway. Despite our past, present, and future, He chose love and covered us in the truest form of forgiveness: grace.

The power of God’s grace is immeasurable, in fact, I am certain that we have yet to find a combination of words that even begins to scratch the surface of it’s power. Amazing, right? Thinking about the grace we receive is this beautiful, smile inducing, deep exhale reassuring, faith lift. Yet, most of us, when we think about the grace we give to others normally stirs up a different set of internal reactions.

Christians who are struggling with the forgiveness of others is less like the thirty-something sheepish single, requesting a table for one, and more like a sold out Adele concert with an exponentially long wait list. So the good news is, you aren’t alone, but why is grace the most amazing to receive, but at times a seriously challenged offering?

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